PowerM & IBM long-term successful partnership

PowerM & IBM long-term successful partnership — July 10th, 2019

When it comes to IBM solutions implementation, we are second to none. We are part of a select group of elite Platinum Business Partners who can sell and service across all IBM systems and software brands, which allows us to deliver comprehensive, industry-focused and business-aligned solutions.
Here are the key facts:
  • We are part of top 100 IBM Business Partner Worldwide (and top#50 over 10,790 BP WW for selected competencies)(*)
  • We earned seven competencies achieved in:
    • Server Systems
    • Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure
    • Storage Systems
    • Cloud Management
    • Hybrid Data Management
    • Private Cloud
    • Data Science and Business Analytics
    • We have been awarded three IBM Beacon Award Finalist
  • We were Silver Sponsor of IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco where we shared our experience during two expert sessions and one panel regarding Continuous Operations, Resiliency and Data Protection (Sessions ID: 3641A and 3868A, 2430A)

Part of top 100 IBM Business Partner WorldWide:

According to IBM BP Locator, Power Maroc is ranked (*):

Top#50 / 10,790 (7 competencies (**))

Top#100 / 10,790  (Global (**))

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(*) in term of IBM competencies (update 10/07/2019)

(**) https://www-356.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/bplocator/search.jsp?lnk=fcw#!/landing (update 10/07/2019)

7 x IBM Competencies:

Competencies are capabilities identified by IBM PartnerWorld that are essential for developing the expertise to deliver high-value solutions differentiating the BP from the competition.

There are three criteria when it comes to achieving a competency:

  • Skills: Skills are a demonstration of solutions, services and other applied knowledge within a competency.
  • Resources: Each competency requires a minimum alignment of sales and technical resources.
  • Sales success (competency-specific): Sales success is based on the business partner ability to sell and implement client solutions.

PowerM have achieved a major milestone by maintaining  the PartnerWorld Platinum level for two consecutive years with seven competencies achieved in :

Server Systems Competency

POWER9 servers are built for the most data-intensive and demanding computing on earth. They are designed to support AI workload, cloud infrastructure and to run mission-critical applications with ease.

Associated offerings:

  • IBM Power Systems

PowerM level achieved: Expert

Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure Competency

The Spectrum Storage family of software allows clients to evolve the storage technologies to enterprise grade, open and scalable hybrid cloud environments. This comprehensive portfolio can manage, control and orchestrate different data types rapidly, flexibly and cost-efficiently across existing and purpose-built cloud infrastructure.

Associated offerings:

  • Spectrum Storage Suite
  • Spectrum Protect
  • Spectrum Control
  • Spectrum Scale
  • Cloud Object Storage

PowerM level achieved: Specialist

Storage Systems Competency

IBM storage solutions provide the micro-latency, scalable performance, and operational efficiency today’s organizations require unlocking insights from massive volumes of data.

Associated offerings:

  • Cleversafe Object Storage
  • DS8000 Series
  • IBM Strowize and IBM FlashSystems
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software/SVC
  • SAN – Switches & Directors
  • Tivoli Automation and Tivoli Key Lifecycle Mgr
  • Spectrum Storage Suite
  • Tape – Drives & Libraries

PowerM level achieved: Expert

Cloud Management Competency

IBM Cloud Management for Hybrid Deployment is a modular solution that provides end-to-end visibility, control and automation to manage applications, infrastructure, services and workloads. It provides insights for smarter management and business decisions across cloud, hybrid and traditional environments.

Associated offerings:

  • Application Performance Management
  • Netcool
  • WebSphere Family
  • IBM Control Desk
  • IBM Workload Scheduler

PowerM level achieved: Expert

Hybrid Data Management Competency

The IBM Hybrid Data Management is designed to help clients gather and ingest ALL relevant data with no limit of volume, variety or velocity. They can choose any style of database or data warehouse, use best-of-breed and open source software and leverage their existing skill set.

Associated offerings:

  • DB2
  • DB2 Warehouse
  • Informix
  • IBM Integrated Analytics System
  • DB2 Big SQL

PowerM level achieved: Specialist

Private Cloud Competency

Private cloud is a cloud computing model operated solely for a single organization. It can be managed internally or by a third party. It can be hosted behind the company firewall or externally.

Private cloud offers the benefits of a public cloud, including rapid deployment and scalability plus ease of use and elasticity, but private cloud gives organizations greater control, increased performance, predictable costs, tighter security and flexible management options. A private cloud allows companies to customize their environments according to their unique needs and security requirements.

Associated offerings:

  • IBM Cloud Private
  • PureApplication System
  • The WebSphere family of products

PowerM level achieved: Expert

Data Science and Business Analytics Competency

Give the clients a simple way to acquire and leverage keys offerings from across IBM. Data Science & Business Analytics help data scientists, business analysts, and line-of-business users understand, analyze, and visualize information.

Associated offerings:

  • Cognos Analytics
  • SPSS Modeler & Statistics
  • Decision Optimization
  • Watson Explorer and Watson Analytics

PowerM level achieved: Specialist

3 x IBM Beacon Award Finalist:

The IBM Beacon Awards recognize IBM Business Partners who have delivered exceptional solutions using IBM products and services. By delivering innovative solutions to drive business value, Beacon Award winners help transform the way their clients, the industry and the world do business.

Outstanding Software Defined Storage Solution

This award recognizes an IBM Business Partner that offers the most outstanding Storage solution or service built on IBM Software Defined Storage.

The winning submission shows how IBM Storage Software delivered new or increased benefits to customers and drove demonstrable business outcomes. The solution articulate how the Business Partner created and delivered an innovative Software Defined Storage solution to their customers using IBM Spectrum Storage or Cloud Object Storage offerings.

Finalist 2019: Power Maroc

Outstanding Storage Systems Solution

This award recognizes the IBM Business Partner that has achieved the greatest results in deploying IBM all-flash solutions to help their client(s) be data-driven to make better decisions that improve their business results.

Finalist 2018: Power Maroc

Finalist 2019: Power Maroc

PowerM @Think 2019:

PowerM was delighted to share its experience during two Think 2019 expert sessions and one panel regarding Continuous Operations, Resiliency and Data Protection (sessions ID: 3641A and 3868A, 2430A). 

Panel ID: 2430A - Redefining Data Protection for the Hybrid, Multicloud World 
Panel ID: 2430A – Redefining Data Protection for the Hybrid, Multicloud World