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IBM LinuxONE: MBTF=decades, downtime=Zero

IBM LinuxONE (44 seconds)
Cisco UCS (2.3 minutes)
Fujitsu Primergy (3.5 minutes)
Dell PowerEdge (25 minutes)
Oracle x86 (39 minutes)
HPE ProLiant x86 (42 minutes)
White box servers (49 minutes)

Unplanned Downtime in Minutes per Server, per Annum

(*) ITIC 2019 Global Server Hardware/Server OS Reliability Survey 


The Linux Monster= The best of Linux + The best of Enterprise Computing

  • The IBM LinuxONE offers a highly secure, flexible, scalable, and reliable enterprise platform for hybrid cloud, data serving, and other mission-critical Linux workloads.
  • LinuxONE servers offer the same inherit capabilities for IBM Z servers for organizations who want to run Linux in a scale-up architecture.It’s an enterprise server that is designed for large and complexe data serving and transactional applications.
With up to 190 configurable cores and 40 TB of real memory, the LinuxONE open opportunities such as in-memory data marts, large buffer pools for data access, in-memory analytics while providing the necessary room to tune applications for optimal throughput , performance and scaling advantages over the capacity to do the work of thousands of x86 servers in a single footprint.
  • The IBM Secure Service Container (SSC) is a solution that hosts container-based applications for hybrid and private cloud workloads that uses LinuxONE’s EAL5+ certification for vertical isolation of workloads and achieves horizontal isolation that separates the running application from the underlying host environment.
  • Extend DCAP (Data Centric Audit and Protection) by providing smart, secure data movement application transparent protection for data leaving LinuxONE.
  • IBM Data Privacy Passports, provides transparent, end-to-end, data-level protection and privacy.
  • IBM Secure Boot for Linux : a complete chain of trust from trusted power-on to a started boot loader.
  • Overcomes VM/server scale-out strategy by providing the ability to physically install 190 processors and up to 40 TB of addressable memory in a single-server footprint.
  • Provides Secure Service Containers: a new, specialized type of partition that provides for the highly secure, fast deployment, and management of approved, pre-packaged applications, such as blockchain in an appliance model of deployment (isolation based on EAL5+ level of protection)
    • Improved Pause-Less Garbage Collection for response time sensitive applications
    • Industry-leading secure Java performance via TLS (2-3x faster than x86)
    • Provides up to 2 x better throughput per core processing business rules than x86
    • Provides up to 100 x better average  compression throughput than x86
  • All of the top 10 DBMSs that run on Linux can run on LinuxONE
  • LinuxONE provides the highest level of protection for DbaaS in the industry
  • Extreme performance: Process up to billions transactions per day with Node.js and MongoDB on a single LinuxONE system, Start with as few as 1 core and grow to the equivalent of over 2,000 x86 cores in a single LinuxONE system
  • The enterprise-grade Linux on LinuxONE solution is designed to add value to Oracle Database solutions


Design, install, configure, admin, Migrate and troubleshoot

Move All of your workload to the Linux monster


Hourly Plan

2000… Linux on Z for mission critical systems

2010…. Linux for Z for Java workloads

2020… LinuxONE for microservices and analytics

LinuxONE- The world’s most powerful transaction engine

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