ExaaS Cloud Pak

Cloud Pak for Applications : 3 customer needs with 1 offering

Flexibly rebalance entitlement over time: from what you need today, to what you need tomorrow

Run existing apps: continue to run your apps, where they are

Modernize existing apps: manage existing apps as if they were in containers

Building new apps: new apps are automatically ready for hybrid-cloud deployment, using the best of open source, fully supported

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

  • A faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready containerized software solutions
  • Complete yet simple: Application, data and AI services, fully modular and easy to consume
  • IBM certified: Full software stack support, and ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility
  • Run anywhere :On-premises, on private and public clouds, and in pre-integrated systems
  • Move and modernize applications - using insights about your current infrastructure to appropriately refactor, optimize resources and costs, reduce complexity and deliver apps on multiple clouds
  • Develop cloud native apps with containers, starting with open source, common services, developer tools of choice, and integrated DevOps
  • Optimized set of frameworks and runtimes for cloud native and traditional
  • Accelerate development with governance, supported by IBM enterprise expertise
  • Portability across multiple cloud environments, avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Investment protection as you modernize at your pace
  • Run Existing Apps: Runtimes & Frameworks packaged in integrated “Collections,” supported and entitled - Liberty, Node, Spring
  • Modernize Applications: Operational and Application Modernization with visibility and migration assistance featuring Application Navigator, Transformation Advisor and UrbanCode Deploy, UrbanCode Velocity
  • Build New Applications: Kabanero is the end-to-end experience focused on modern Enterprise-grade microservices framework with integrated Dev Tools, Toolchains built for and integrated with OpenShift

Paradigm Shift : Increasing abstraction from infrastructure

Powerful hardware, Distributed Computing

Virtualization abstracted you from hardware (IBM LPARs, then modern hypervisors for other operating systems)
Containerization abstracted you from the operating system, (create multiple isolated components on a single operating system)

Serverless architecture abstracts you from the process/thread

Paradigm Shift : From monolithic to microservice application

Microservices typifies the benefits sought from modern architectural techniques

  • Agility: Faster iteration cycles, bounded contexts, autonomous teams
  • Scalability: Elastic scalability, workload orchestration, cloud infrastructure
  • Resilience: Minimized dependencies, discrete failover, fail fast, start fast

Paradigm Shift : Decentralized Ownership

Integration has become an obstacle to success because traditional, centralized and systematic integration approaches cannot deal with the velocity , volume and pace of business innovation.

Decentralized ownership, Empowering teams,Agile methods

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

  • Create all types of Integrations quickly using simple tools following modern development practice
  • Manage secure integration deployments across any cloud leveraging cloud-native practices & architecture, consistent operational services
  • Re-use integration assets, skills to speed up development and time-to-market maintaining the right governance
  • Cloud agnostic to run virtually anywhere on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Unmatched scalability and resiliency through container and microservices based design
  • Development and operations Agility through consistent deployment onto Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes
  • Asset Repository – Integration goldmine to store all types of integration assets for re-use of assets, skills across the organization
  • Logging – Common logging built-in the platform for all components
  • Metering – Platform wide metering of products for licensing and audit readiness
  • Security – Identity and access management service for common onboarding of users / groups
  • Simplified, rapid install of Cloud Pak on OpenShift in IBM Cloud
  • No download of Cloud Pak binaries on local machine
  • Direct provisioning of Cloud Pak image from within IBM Cloud
  • Fully automated install on OpenShift on IBM Cloud
  • Built-in entitlement check with PPA for validated provisioning

Cloud Pak for Integration : a complete set of integration capabilities to efficiently connect your applications and data wherever they live

Integrates applications, data, cloud services and APIs

84% of digital transformation projects fail due to siloed data and unreliable integration approaches. Source: Forbes

IBM Cloud pak 

Hybrid multi cloud made simple


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