ExaaS Business Continuity

Business continuity designed to : Strengthen business-continuity planning for reliability

COVID19 crisis challenges existing business continuity methods in a new environment marked by remote working and delivery disruptions, where focusing on processes and resources alone will not suffice.

Business Continuity Services

Our methodology is designed on a modular framework that allows us to tailor our services based on your particular business needs:
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)/Business Continuity Management (BCM) diagnostics
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Emergency Recovery strategy/plan
  • Training/Test
  • Maintenance (BCP/ BCM continuous improvement)
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Daily remote backups with replication to IBM Cloud
  • Express assessment of the level of readiness and response
  • Flexible scaling of capacity on IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • PowerM data-protection experts to configure and manage backup operations remotely
  • Additional compute capacity
  • Dynamically-activated processor cores or memory units
  • Reduced costs; pay only for days units are active
  • Rapid ordering and provisioning

Paradigm Shift : Clients worldwide have many of the same concerns

How do I quickly plan and deploy work-from-home options, virtual offices and the required infrastructure?

I need help updating our contingency plan, supporting clients and employees and mitigating the impact of the pandemic !

Employees working remote due to COVID19
Lack of cyber recovery capabilities
Management initiative to make the business more digital
Canceled work-related travel due to COVID19

Many of my IT staff are unavailable. As a result, part of my core IT infrastructure is unattended and vulnerable !

How do I maintain the continuity of business operations, protect critical data and assets and effectively respond to opportunistic threats?

Paradigm Shift : Archiving on Cloud is the de-facto standard

Data available when and where you need it !

Protect physical, virtual or cloud-based source machines by replicating them into a disaster Networking options recovery site in any IBM Cloud region.

Use IBM Cloud Object Storage as primary backup target.Data is automatically stored across multi- region zones or cross region for availability and resiliency.

Scalability: Capacity on demand

Quickly spin-up machines for your periodic disaster-recovery drills, without disrupting your source environment.

IBM Business continuity services 



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