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IBM FlashSystem: simply the fastest

IBM Storage for Hybrid Multicloud and Cyber Resiliency

  • Fast Up to 18M IOPS and as little as 70μs latency in a single-image clustered system
  • Efficient configurable data reduction
  • Operationally resilient : 2 & 3-site replication, enhanced HA, HyperSwap
  • Cyber resilient : air-gap data copies
  • Flexible : SCM, IBM FlashCore, Flash
  • Interoperable : virtualization & management of over 500 heterogeneous storage systems
With its end-to-end NVMe throughput advantage, IBM FlashSystem 9200 sets a new standard in I/O performance density, the measure of work done per rack unit spent. A FlashSystem 9200 can deliver over 2.2 million I/O’s per second per rack unit
Data reduction can come in two forms. First is the hardware-accelerated compression in IBM FlashCore modules. This is ideal for performance sensitive applications that can still benefit from data reduction. There is also software compression and deduplication that can be extended system-wide and in a consistent manner to all the other storage in your datacenter regardless of your choice in hardware vendors.  
These systems are capable of traditional 2-site and 3-site replication configurations using your choice of synchronous or asynchronous data communication. They are also capable of IBM Hyperswap. When properly deployed by IBM Lab Services, IBM will guarantee 100% data availability. That’s not five-9’s (99.999%) or six-9’s (99.9999%), it’s 100% availability.
The strongest air-gap is one where your data and its copies are on separate media, often in separate locations, and in separate administrative domains; meaning if an attacker has hacked your applications to get to your data, there is an entirely separate security domain managing your copies.
  • FlashSystem 9200 and 9200R are all-flash systems that can be configured with several flash, storage class memory and host connection options to best meet the requirements of your applications.
  • SAS Flash, NVMe Flash , IBM FlashCore (Hardware compression and encryption),Storage Class Memory (Ultra low latency).
  • When it comes to connecting these systems to hosts and applications, there are also a wide variety of options including FibreChannel adapters that support full NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF).
To prevent potential issues from impacting your business, IBM’s free software-as-a-service securely from the IBM Cloud – Storage Insights - collects detailed telemetry from your system and applies analytics to predict potential failure conditions and proactively notify you of risks. In the event you do need support, Storage Insights simplifies the process of both opening and tracking tickets, as well as collecting and uploading diagnostic information all with the goal of getting your issue resolved quickly.
With the speed, scale, and complexity of Hybrid Multicloud and even traditional on-premises environments, automation has become a top priority. And with application owners and lines of business becoming increasingly involved in this dynamic world, the idea of everyone handling the infrastructure and doing things their own way can send shivers up the spine of IT managers. That’s where automation tools like Ansible come in.

IBM Flashsystem

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IBM FlashSystem combines the performance of flash and end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology, the ultra-low latency of Storage Class Memory (SCM), the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize and AI predictive storage management and proactive support by Storage Insights. PowerM ExaaS-FS provide a full spectrum of online and onsite professional services that will help you to take advantage of modern capabilities, such as the pooling of physical resources ,data mobility ,centralized management ,Improved storage utilization, Improved application availability and simplified data migrations, data protection for containers in hybrid multicloud environments and enhanced 3-Site Replication.

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