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Business users with only basic analytics skills could conduct analysis yielding misleading or incorrect insight

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 : All the answers you need, in one place

  • Reduce costs with self-service capabilities and an AI assistant that reduces training and support expenditures.
  • Business users have single-click access to advanced analytics and predictive drivers, as well as statistically accurate time-series forecasting.
  • Business users can ask questions in plain language, and receive actionable answers with natural language query support.
  • Reduce time to discover, track, analyze, and take action as a result of important changes in business results with AI infused across all aspects of the process.
  • Import data from spreadsheets, CSV files, and via connectivity to cloud or on-premises databases.
  • Use machine learning to automatically discover and combine related data sources into a single, trusted data module.
  • Add new columns to your data; perform calculations; split, reorder and hide columns.
  • Craft beautiful, interactive dashboards and compelling reports in a single tool
  • Discover superior visualizations for your data with AI recommendations
  • Overlay your data on the physical world with geospatial capabilities

  • Cognos Analytics connects to your data in the cloud (or on-prem), so that all of your users access the same data.
  • Everyone gets the same answers
  • Capture, annotate and share visuals over email or Slack

PowerM ExaaS : Common Pain Points addressed by Cognos Analytics

I love to perform analysis, but I spend most of my time cleansing data, wrestling with large, complex data sets, and dealing with ad-hoc analysis requests. – Mahfoud, Data Analyst 

  • AI powered assistance
  • Visual exploration tools to discover hidden patterns in data
  • Side-by-side comparisons of data under different scenarios
  • Beautiful, interactive dashboards and compelling reports in a single tool
  • Ability to capture, annotate and share visuals over email or Slack
  • Combine charts into stories with overlays, voice-overs and interactive elements
  • Data import from spreadsheets, CSV files, cloud or on-premise databases
  • Machine learning to automatically discover and combine related data sources into a single, trusted data module
  • Multi-tenant – fully digital; single user

The information I deliver to management has to be accurate and defensible.I need to make data-based decisions but lack expertise and easy-to-use tools – Youssef, Data Scientist

IBM cognos Analytics

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“84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing their decisions on.” – Forbes Insights and KPMG
“97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.” – Big Data Executive Survey 2018

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Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence solution that empowers users with AI-infused self-service capabilities that accelerate data preparation, analysis, and report creation. Cognos makes it easier than ever to visualize data and share actionable insights across your organization to foster more data-driven decisions. PowerM ExaaS-Cognos provide a full spectrum of online and onsite professional services that will help you to take advantage of enterprise-grade messaging solution and suggest ways you can cut costs, speed time to market and create new business models with Cognos Analytics on Cloud, IBM Cloud Pak for Data or Cognos Analytics on-premise

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data: The Platform for Enterprise Insights – Accelerating the Journey to AI

No amount of AI algorithmic sophistication will overcome a lack of data [architecture]… bad data is simply paralyzing- MIT Sloan

Collect and access data of any type, regardless of where it resides.

Find, integrate, transform and govern data to drive insights while mitigating compliance risks.

Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive: to understand the current, predict the future and change outcomes

Get all capabilities in an integrated end-to-end platform