PowerM-Rkube.IO Event 12.12.2023

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PowerM Event 12.12.2023

RKubeIO proudly announces the launch of RKubeIO Modernization Hub 1.2, packed with game-changing features that revolutionize the way you modernize applications 🔸 Renovate: Seamlessly upgrade to the latest Java versions and technologies. 🔸 Replatform: Migrate effortlessly to a Cloud Native Runtime, leveraging IBM's modern Liberty/OpenLiberty runtime. 🔸 Refactor: Transform monoliths into Microservices with the power of AI using IBM Mono2Micro, OpenAI, and IBM Watson code assistant. 🔸Rebuild: Utilize cutting-edge application templates for efficient rebuilding processes. 🔸 Restrain: Strengthen application security to fortify your digital assets. 🔸 Rehost: Experience a smooth transition to the Cloud for enhanced scalability and agility. 🔸 Rollout: with centralized code repository, built-in CI/CD and external repository support 🔸 Reveal: Gain in-depth application observability for comprehensive insights. 🔸 Reclaim: Maximize Cloud efficiency, optimizing resources for cost-effectiveness. 🔸 Run Empower your applications with multi-cloud capabilities, application catalog, and billing management. Discover real-world use cases, witness live demos, explore our new pricing model based on rToken, and dive into the latest deployment models now available on RedHat Marketplace and Atlas Cloud Services. The official and inaugural RKubeIO keynote is set to take place on December 12th, 2023, at Le Casablanca Hotel, alongside a live stream broadcasted on Linkedin Live commencing at 10:00 AM UCT+1.

Business Contact Information

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