ExaaS Spectrum Control

What are the main concerns related to Storage that impact your organization?

  • Worried about hacking and all the potential problems that would cause
  • It cost a lot to upgrade storage servers and software
  • Sometime we run out of storage capacity so this is a big pain point
  • Reliability
  • Availability

Spectrum Control and Storage Insights : monitoring, automation and analytics capabilities in multi-vendor storage environments

  • Monitor all Storage Systems from across multiple datacenters from a single pane of glass.
  • Improve the health of your Infrastructure with predictive alerts that include guidance to mitigate risks.
  • Quickly find and fix issues with visual pointers to Systems that require immediate attention.
  • Automatically send capacity and performance reports to multiple stakeholders at any frequency you choose
  • IBM is now part of your operational team, maintaining Storage Insights on your behalf 24x7
  • Gain views of your storage environment including by application, department, server and site.
  • Use a single control point to monitor all types of storage such as Flash, SAN, software-defined, file, object, server, and cloud storage managed by IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud.
  • Monitor storage systems, ports, switches, SAN fabric and other devices. Create custom reports and have them delivered automatically on schedule.
Provides tiered storage optimization to eliminate the guesswork of keeping data on the right storage tier. Also provides load balancing within storage tiers, and supports capacity planning to help you predict future capacity needs.
Automates and simplifies storage provisioning, with support for multiple administration interfaces and API. Uses event processing, and enables automated responses to common alerts for faster root cause analysis.
  • Offered as on-premises software or as a cloud service.
  • The cloud option enables monitoring and analytics from the secure IBM cloud, with a simplified subscription plan.
  • On-premises solutions include standard and advanced editions, available with capacity or per-enclosure license options.
  • The advanced edition includes base features plus tiered storage analytics, self-service provisioning, chargeback and snapshot management.
  • IBM Spectrum Control provides device-level, integrated storage infrastructure management capabilities for managing both IBM and non-IBM storage systems. Agent and agentless options are available.
  • Heterogeneous storage support is offered via the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) standard.
  • Management capabilities include operational control and provisioning of heterogeneous storage platforms, including storage systems from EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Oracle and HP.
  • IBM Spectrum Control also enables performance management at the port and switch levels for platforms from Brocade Communications and Cisco Systems.
IBM Spectrum Control makes it easy to balance performance within storage tiers. Simply select two or more pools on the same tier in a virtualized storage environment, and click ‘Balance Pools.’ Analytics in IBM Spectrum Control and automation in IBM Spectrum Virtualize work together to complete the task. Complexity and the risk of errors are greatly reduced.

PowerM ExaaS : Typical pain points addressed by Spectrum Control and Storage Insights

  • Monitoring devices from multiple elemental managers
  • Reacting to storage issues after an application has already been impacted
  • Finding, wrapping and transmitting log diagnostic packages to my support team
  • Reporting on Storage capacity and performance across the infrastructure
  • Managing and upgrading operational monitoring software
  • Scouring online documentation to determine  best practice

Every morning I check to see who is complaining and what applications are down. – Walid, Storage Administrator

  • Lower the operational expense
  • Minimize business / application impacts
  • Monitor more capacity with fewer administrators
  • Employ lower skilled / lower wage administrators
  • No acceptable downtime
  • Software Defined Storage related expertise is in high demand and is hard to acquire
  • Time to market in hours

Always ON, more with less  – Mehdi, Operation Manager

IBM Spectrum control 

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IBM Spectrum Control provides monitoring, automation and analytics for multiple-vendor storage environments. The comprehensive solution enables you to manage storage systems, software-defined storage, storage-area network (SAN) fabrics, devices, and even cloud storage. PowerM ExaaS-SC provide a full spectrum of online and onsite professional services that will help you to take advantage of modern capabilities, such as the single management platform, the alerts and problem resolution features, the storage automation and advanced analytics

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IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Key reasons for the trade-up and migrating using ExaaS

A single software license for all your changing software-defined storage needs

  • From SAN storage to new storage-rich server infrastructure
  • From block access to rapidly evolving file and object access
  • For all your data: from traditional, big data and analytics, and cognitive workloads to recovery and archive copies
  • For new clients, a cost-effective way to start their software-defined journey
  • For clients already on their way, tremendous flexibility in expanding software-defined capability to more of their infrastructure


A certified team with a record of hundred of Spectrum Storage Suite related implementation and deployment (Protect, Protect Plus, Archive, Scale, Control, Virtualize,…) 

The de-facto standard for Software Defined Storage

Fortune Global top 100 87%
Banks top 50 98%
Telecommunications top 15 94%
Energy top 20 90%
Healthcare top 10 90%
Automobile top 10 80%