Hybrid, Cloud Application Platform for Cloud-Enabling Applications and Middleware

PureApplication System is a system to help you manage resources in a cloud computing environment.PureApplication System uses workload patterns to create consistent, validated, and repeatable virtual applications within the cloud environment.

PowerM Solution : Two (2) IBM PureApplication System W2700-32M in HA configuration (based on IBM Power) and Rational UrbanCode Deploy

1. IBM PureApplication Presentation : The System

PureApplication System is often referred to as a cloud on a rack. PureApplication System provides all the elements of a cloud in one system: compute nodes, networking, storage, and system management. It is designed around the following core principles:

  •  Built-in expertise that captures what experts do, from infrastructure patterns to application patterns.
  •  Integration of hardware and software by design in a workload optimized system.
  •  Simplified experience that makes each part of the lifecycle easier, which means integrated management of the entire system and an open infrastructure of optimized solutions.

 Figure1 : Simple view of a PureApplication System.

2.IBM PureApplication Presentation : The Software

PureApplication Software is a cloud application platform that accelerates and simplifies the repeatable deployment and lifecycle management tasks of enterprise middleware workloads, such as:

  •  IBM WebSphere Application Server
  •  IBM Business Process Manager
  •  Mobile
  •  Portal
  •  Commerce
  •  Analytics

You can choose to use PureApplication capabilities on an integrated hardware and software PureApplication System, or with PureApplication Software on your x86 hardware.

You can use PureApplication Software to design the infrastructure to your unique specifications. Infrastructure planning and configuration work must be completed before the installation of the PureApplication Software and must meet all prerequisites. Although you must adhere to the prerequisites, PureApplication Software provides flexible compute and storage characteristics so that you can define an infrastructure that meets your unique use cases. With PureApplication Software, you bring your own licenses for OS, hypervisor, and middleware.

3. Patterns of expertise

IBM PureSystems are built to include patterns of expertise. Patterns of expertise accelerate the time-to-value of applications, services, and business processes by encapsulating guidelines and best practices into a repeatable and deployable form. They can automatically configure, manage, and optimize the elements of a solution, from the infrastructure resources up through the middleware and applications.

Patterns of expertise represent the knowledge and experience that is gained over decades by IBM while optimizing the deployment and management of thousands of data centers, software infrastructures, and applications around the world. They are categorized in three types, one for each service layer: infrastructure patterns, platform patterns, and application patterns.

Figure 2 : The relationship between the patterns and IBM PureSystems products.

4. Use Case : Telco Customer Morocco

Business Need:

  • Enhance user experience and satisfaction
  • Compliance with the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Reduce cost of Oracle and Websphere License
  • Reduce complex administration task
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Homogeneous disaster recovery plan for all enterprise application


  • Migrate 20 in house J2EE application from heterogeneous platforms (HPUX, AIX, Linux, Windows) (different versions 6.x to 8x) to one consolidate
  • Design and implement multiple pattern including Oracle and Oracle RAC
  • Short migration window
  • Complex migration path (6.x to 8.x) (in house applications)
  • Integration with the existing DevOps platform based on Rational UrbanCode


  • Enhance performance by 40% (average for all application)
  • Accelerate deployment of applications (from days to minutes)
  • Reduce administrative task (by 70%)
  • Efficiently manage, maintain and operate deployed application environments.
  • Execute repeatable patterns for fast, seamless and reliable deployments.
  • Simplify application lifecycle management

Figure 3 : Use case configuration.

5. Detailed reference architecture:

Need more information about this reference architecture? Send us email : refarchitect@powerm.ma

6. Reference:

  • IBM PureApplication System Best Practices SG24-8145-00
  • Adopting IBM PureApplication System V1.0  SG24-8113-00