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Spectrum Scale: Advanced storage management of unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics, and objects

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The Biggest unstructured data challenges for Data Scientist is finding data !

Solution : High-performance clustered file system used by top 500 supercomputers since 1998

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.5  

Spectrum Scale: simplifies data management at scale

IBM Spectrum Scale could handle all of the data in the world multiple times over. IBM Spectrum Scale is the storage layer of the world’s fastest super computers Summit (#1), Sierra (#2) and Pangea III (the world's most powerful commercial-sector supercomputer)
  • As its name implies, IBM Spectrum Scale can scale out to support the largest file system that you could conceive.
  • It is architected to support exabytes of data and beyond. Its theoretical size limits are greater than any organization will need in any foreseeable time. If you could build a large enough system
  • Its parallel design means that IBM Spectrum Scale has essentially unlimited throughput.
  •  It is designed to give you a unified view of all your data so that everyone is working with the same information and using the latest version of that same information.
  • The ability to look to a single source of truth for the input to your AI and analytics pipelines ensures that you are using the highest possible quality of data - not partial data, not stale data.
Single namespace eliminates data silos : The practical benefit for you is that all your data, across the organization and around the world, can be unified into a single true view of the state of your organization, eliminating silos of isolated data.
  • IBM Spectrum Storage offers clients complete flexibility to deploy a software-defined data storage and management solution in the form that most effectively meets their needs, whether that is software on their own choice of hardware, an integrated solution with software and hardware from IBM, or cloud service.
  • The flexibility of deployment models enables IBM Spectrum Scale software to be deployed on commodity servers for ultimate low cost with the control of on-premises deployment; as an integrated solution to complement traditional infrastructure deployments; as a cloud service; or any combination of these.
  • Spectrum Scale can simplify your data management at scale.
  • File and object data is moved to the optimal storage tier automatically by Spectrum Scale.
  • As a user, you do not need extra complexity to enjoy the benefits of scalable data management.
  • Reduce your costs and accelerate your time to insight by efficiently storing, analyzing, and protecting your data on a converged, web-scale application and data-optimized fabric.

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IBM Spectrum SCALE 

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IBM Spectrum Scale is an industry-leading software-defined data, and storage management solution that perfectly meets the demands of AI, analytics and high-performance computing workloads with its industry-leading performance and scalability, and a wealth of sophisticated data management capabilities. PowerM ExaaS-SS provide a full spectrum of online and onsite professional services that will help you to take advantage of modern capabilities, such as the improved system performance, file consistency , increased data availability, enhanced system flexibility, shared file system access among IBM Spectrum Scale clusters, simplified storage management and simplified administration.

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IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Key reasons for the trade-up and migrating using ExaaS

A single software license for all your changing software-defined storage needs

  • From SAN storage to new storage-rich server infrastructure
  • From block access to rapidly evolving file and object access
  • For all your data: from traditional, big data and analytics, and cognitive workloads to recovery and archive copies
  • For new clients, a cost-effective way to start their software-defined journey
  • For clients already on their way, tremendous flexibility in expanding software-defined capability to more of their infrastructure

A certified team with a record of hundred of Spectrum Storage Suite related implementation and deployment (Protect, Protect Plus, Archive, Scale, Control, Virtualize,…) 

The de-facto standard for Software Defined Storage

Fortune Global top 100 87%
Banks top 50 98%
Telecommunications top 15 94%
Energy top 20 90%
Healthcare top 10 90%
Automobile top 10 80%

IBM Spectrum Scale and PowerM ExaaS : IBM Spectrum Scale deployment methods

As a Software

As a Cloud Service

As an Integrated Solution