State-Of-Art Reference Architectures

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

LinuxONE: disturbing continuous operations, extreme performance and pervasive security paradigms

LinuxONE: disturbing continuous operations, extreme performance and pervasive security paradigms

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Enterprise Storage Diamond Architecture for Mission Critical Systems

Over past three years, PowerM received many inquiries for Active-Active solution requirement, e.g.: 7 x 24 Serviceability; Multiple Tier of Data Backup; Multiple Data Centers Built; Better Utilization of  Data Center; Enterprise Data Center Switch-over requirements etc.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure for SAP HANA

Running SAP HANA on IBM Systems offers customers a consistent platform for their HANA- based and traditional applications, best-in-class performance, resilience for critical workloads, and most flexible infrastructure.

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Continuous Availability Architecture for Heterogeneous Storage

Continuous availability architectures are used by forward-thinking organizations that seek to ensure exceptionally high levels of service availability for mission critical applications.It's a design methodology that provides uninterrupted access to application services and data.

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Hybrid, Cloud Application Platform for Cloud-Enabling Applications and Middleware

PureApplication System is a system to help you manage resources in a cloud-computing environment.It uses workload patterns to create consistent, validated, and repeatable virtual applications within the cloud environment.

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Always On: Business Considerations for Continuous Availability

In 2013, IBM conducted an the Academy of Technology initiative in which IBM reviewed the end-to-end aspects of continuous availability (governance, technological advancements, architectural patterns, design and operational practices).

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Enhanced Stretched Cluster Architecture for Continuous Availability Platform

Business continuity and continuous application availability are among the top requirements for many organizations today. In today's increasing business demands, critical applications must be available all of the time. The system also must be fault tolerant to provide continuous...

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IBM Resiliency Orchestration: orchestrate and simplify disaster recovery management

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration can simplify DR automation with real-time DR readiness validation and increase situational awareness that can reduce test times and RTO, resulting in a more cost-effective DR experience that is smarter, more tailored and more agile...

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Converged Infrastructure to modernize data center with a simple and pre-configured infrastructure.

Businesses are increasingly adopting CI as one of the best ways to support their digital transformation and having the unprecedented choice to mixing industry leading storage, compute and data protection technologies.

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Top-rated Solutions

Transforming big data and analytics, cloud and modern data platform technology into competitive advantage for organizations of all sizes and industry types

Integrated Systems

Converged Infrastructure solutions that enable customers to deliver faster business outcomes.

Performance Management

Detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve application problems in real time in complex cloud and on-premises environments.

Application Servers

Flexible application servers for any environment, whether on premises or on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Data management

Proactive data management solutions that empower data professionals to automate processes, minimize risks and cut project delivery timelines.

IT Infrastructure

World-Class Systems including IBM Power9,Storage,Spectrum Storage Suite, EMC Storage and DataProtection Suite.

Security Solutions

Top-rated solutions and centralized management that enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.

World Class Solutions

Combine powerful infrastructure choices, a robust applications platform and industry-leading management tools

4 X Threads per core

Near Zero Vulnerability

Committed Roadmap

10 X Path Length Reduction

4 X Memory Bandwidth

Deep Workload Optimization

Power Virtualization Features

Flexible Mobility

4 X Cache + Lower Latency

Premier Acceleration Platform- CAPI

KVM Distribution Support

DNA of FlashSystems

IBM FlashSystems V9000

Largest AFA Portfolio

Multiple Use of Flash

IBM FlashSystem 900

Data Protection-as-a-Service

Oracle RAC Extended Distance Cluster EMC VPLEX

Four-site implementation of SRDF/S and SRDF/A

VMAX Architecture

VCE VxBlock Portfolio

VCE VxBlock Systems

VCE #1 for CI


VCE Customer Experience

Multiple pattern types to enable open ecosystem

Ideal Cloud Application Platform

Disaster Recovery in few click

Savings across the IT lifecycle

OpenShift Enterprise Architecture

Websphere Application Server

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Redhat CloudForms