Converged Infrastructure to modernize data center with a simple and pre-configured infrastructure.

Businesses everywhere are increasingly adopting converged infrastructure (CI) as one of the best ways to support their digital transformation. Dell EMC pioneered the CI market with VxBlock Systems, and has enabled thousands of customers worldwide to drive business innovation and digital transformation. The new VxBlock breaks the boundaries of traditional CI by delivering on greater business agility, improved data center efficiency and better operational simplicity. Now enterprises everywhere have the unprecedented choice to mixing and sharing industry leading storage, enterprise-class compute and integrated data protection technologies, all in one fully integrated converged infrastructure.

PowerM Solution : DELL Technologies VxBlock Systems

1. Converged Infrastructure Features

  • Simplified IT: The VxBlock simplifies all aspects of IT by seamlessly integrated all the compute, network, storage, and data protection technologies, you need, into One Engineered System – it’s like a complete “datacenter-in-a-box”. All VxBlock are engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one turnkey solution, offloading the complexities and risks associated with managing enterprise-grade datacenter infrastructure so that IT teams can confidently focus on higher-value projects/tasks.
  • Lifecycle assurance :Dell EMC validates interoperability of components and provides a predictable system maintenance process that improves availability and productivity. Dell EMC has done all the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy a faster, simpler and less risky lifecycle assurance approach than trying to do it yourself.
  • Improved data center efficiency: Eliminating islands of resources or stranded capacity is a sure way to improve resource utilization and improve your Return-on-Investment (ROI). The VxBlock allows you to POOL and SHARE your resources to maximize your asset utilization rates.
  • Reduced downtime : Dell EMC has built and deployed thousands for CI systems. All VxBlock systems are engineered and manufactured as a turnkey system. They use industry leading technologies, they are built based on best practices and are all factory tested. Customers who have deployed VxBlock Systems experience less unplanned downtime: fewer unplanned outages per year, less mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and fewer hours of lost productivity due to outages.
  • Operational simplicity: The VxBlock is a fully integrated, fully tested, turnkey solution that delivers an engineered system experience with a simplified lifecycle assurance. With native support for mixed technologies resulting in less cabinets, LAN and SAN switches, power supplies and system management hardware and software.
  • Faster deployment: Dell EMC does all the interoperability testing and qualification of all the components that make up a VxBlock.Every VxBlock is customer configured and built to meet your unique environment. Every system is also factory tested based on the best practices gained from deploying thousands of Dell EMC CI systems.

Figure 1: Delivering real business results

2. VCE Vision Intelligent Operations

VCE Vision Intelligent Operations is software that comes embedded in VCE converged and hyper-converged systems to provide health and life cycle management. The software delivers information that enables organizations to easily maintain a healthy and up-to-date environment that is fully optimized and secure. VCE Vision operates in three key areas:

  • Converged Health Management – Reports and visualizes the health of VCE converged and hyper-converged systems, including the current state of each component (compute, network, storage, and virtualization). The intelligence of the software, which visualizes system inventory and relationships, including workloads and their underlying infrastructure, enables faster root cause analysis as well as more proactive performance and capacity management.
  • Release Certification Matrix (RCM) Compliance Management – Simplifies the upgrade process of VCE converged and hyper- converged systems by automating and eliminating common steps of the infrastructure firmware and software upgrade process. VCE Vision software runs compliance assessments on the systems to identify where updates are needed, provides direct access to updates (i.e., new RCMs and patches) housed on VCE’s customer support website, and downloads only the updates that are required.
  • Security Compliance Management – Maintains and automates the steps required to ensure that components’ security is hardened and aligned to vendor and industry best practices. Security alerts, software patches, and knowledge-base articles are centrally located at VCE’s support site, which help address specific component vulnerabilities. VCE Vision software assesses components’ settings, reports when components fall out of security policy compliance, and provides guidance to reconfigure components, as well as patches and upgrades, to maintain a high security posture.

Figure 2: VCE Vision Intelligent Operations Software

3. Detailed reference architecture:

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